In 1978 excavated from Lei Gu Dun No. 1 Tomb of Sui County in Hubei province. The owner of the tomb Zeng Hou Yi was buried at the early years of the Warring States (c403B. C. ). The whole set includes 64 pieces all hung on a hook shape frame in 3 levels. 3 groups of "Niu" bells 19 pieces on the top level, 45 pieces of "Yong "bells on the middle and the bottom, with 3 groups on each level. The smallest and lightest bells are on the top, each of them are 20. 4cm of height, 2. 4 kg of weight. The largest bells are on the bottom each 153. 4 cm of height, 203. 6kg of weight. Every bell can make two different pitches, one high (called "Sui Yin") and one low (called "Gu Yin"). All bells have inscriptions engraved, there are totally 2800 seal Chinese characters on the whole set. The chime bells can be dismounted and installed. They are designed delicated and magnificent. Together excavated with the chime bells are 6 wooden beaters made in shape of "T" and 2 wooden bats to toll the bells.


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Song:  Sample Folk song (jasmine)

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